My donation and no make up selfie (thanks for 3 nominations) for cancer research

My donation and no make up selfie (thanks for 3 nominations) for cancer research

Cancer research is an amazing charity and their work is incredible – please donate and help make a difference.


Thoughts on surgery

So it’s 2.47am and my last night in my Loughborough halls room for a while! I know I’m a little tired and eating (ehem) chicken at this time isn’t really the best option, but I think my mind is having a little thought frenzy and is a bit confused as to what the time of night it is! Never learns ey.

The main trains of thought are about having my shoulder operation in a day’s time. I am confident that I am in experienced hands of the top UK shoulder specialist and surgeon, Prof. Funk. However, I’m more nervous about the general anesthetic and waking up too as I’m not quite sure what to expect; I’ve been told it’s not something you can describe properly until you have felt it. I’m sure it will be over and done with before I have chance to blink!

I am excited to leap onto the road to recovery, however the little nervous butterflies are lingering! I’ve tried to prepare myself for four weeks ish in a left handed person’s life…typically starting with brushing the pegs with my opposite hand. You just can’t get the same angle y’know? Grr, those right back molars…

All I keep thinking is that I am grateful to have a functioning arm and to even be able to have an operation. Any athletes in particular out there…a word of advice, MEDICAL INSURANCE. You never know when an injury/accident may happen and can save you a lot!


Hey there!

So this will be my first post on my new blog – pretty excited to share an insight and almost a diary if you like, of the goings-on in the life of Kelly!

I’ll be nattering and posting about my sport, the javelin throw and my current road to recovery; my hobbies – in particular art and the general trials and tribulations that life holds.