Aftermath of my hardest session of the winter!

I was absolutely shot after this sled session. This is the hardest session I’ve ever done in my relatively few years of training – pushing the 35kg sled over 30m, then doing press ups, burpees…etc and then pushing it back. PHEW. This vid doesn’t show the real REAL graft as this was one of the first reps but you can imagine the strains upon the body… We all just end up crawling on the floor after each rep, panting like there’s no tomorrow!! I love it though. The harder each session is each time, the harder I want to work. I think I crave the burn almost as well as the great feeling after completing the session. Athletes ey!




A thankyou from my athlete I coach


Really enjoyed coaching my athlete I see every Tuesday, Ebony. She made a lot of progress and went on to do a proper run up which was great to see. She has good rhythm. Funny how much you see stood outside of the action rather than being the one training! I’m excited to see how she goes on in her next comps this year.

Bless her cotton socks, she bought me a present for my birthday! Can’t believe it – so many art materials! A big thankyou to Ebony and Mandy, her mum! They will be put to good use I’m sure.