EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!! 1) 2nd shoulder surgery 2) Starting crossfit

Aaaaah I am so excited!!!
Firstly, I have got my 2nd shoulder procedure date through – 10th September 2015 – during which I will be having my shoulder capsule loosened if Len Funk feels it is required! I am really excited for this as I feel this could really be the part of my recovery where I could FINALLY have the range I want. I really am excited about this – I have a good feeling about it all!

It has now been to years post op since 22nd June 2013 when I had my first shoulder operation and it has been a long battle, yet I have still remained passionate to throw competitively again. This Summer I have started crossfit to build up my fitness and strength ready for the coming winter training starting from October. I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT. Crossfit training really appeals to me for the huge variety of exercises; a combination of weights, gymnastics, running, body weight exercises etc. I treat alot of the crossfit community with sports massage in Loughborough and I feel so welcome in their gym – the people are lovely and have really helped me with the training. I have posted here a 3 minute training video, a combination of a week’s sessions in July! It really highlights the amount of leggings I have hahaha! #Addiction

Hopefully this sort of training will get me in really good shape ready for beasting this year’s winter training. 2016 WILL BE THE YEAR I WILL FINALLY COMPETE! Hopefully the recovery time for this second procedure in my shoulder will be around 4 weeks ish, so this will have minimal impact compared to last time!

I will give updates on how I get on with surgery in September and hopefully make a video if I am not too high on medication afterwards!



Who would have thought that I would have entered a competition after not throwing a shot put since 2009 and only having done 1 throwing session earlier in the week!

This has all stemmed from my coach saying I should take up another sport alongside javelin to 1) help with my shoulder and keep me active 2) distract a little from the stagnation in training recently! I thought it would be a good idea to try shot again as it was one of my stronger events in mi pentathlon days, coupled with the fact that OUR DOUG was willing to coach me. We did a throwing session with the shot on Wednesday, after which I spontaneously signed up for the Loughborough Open comp.

I couldn’t believe this would be the first time representing Loughborough and competing for over two years I have been studying here, never mind INDOOR events!! The six throw succession went like this….(also the video is at the bottom).

Shot results 10th Jan

And ended up with a big PB of 10.82m! 😀 I was VERY ‘appeh with that! My flatmates were filming me and Sam was giving me a bit of advice on getting my right leg underneath me so I have more weight behind the shot – as you can see this one thing resulted in a jump from 10.17m to 10.82m! This is what I love about athletics and sport – being able to improve your positioning/movements/way of thinking, resulting in a more efficient and further throwing distance in this case! Apparently I have a “javelin hip” which strikes forward instead of the “shot hip” that strikes UP! Plenty to work on. He’s a few pics…

Holding shot

Glide shot

For me, this has given me a big positive boost. I am surprised at how much it has effected how I throw the javelin and my thoughts towards throwing – I now do believe in myself to get back to throwing considerable distances again. The past few months have been fairly stagnant in terms of distance/technique improvements, but I threw today and I could tell I was in a much better frame of mind to throw. Today I was throwing about 5m further which really is a great improvement for me after throwing the same distances for so long.

I will be competing again on 31st Jan to try and better my PB – I can’t wait! This will be a good warm up to working towards outdoor javelin competitions.

Here is my PB throw video! Thanks Alex for taking this 😀 http://youtu.be/421onYU7tck

Commonwealth Games Glasgow & last trip to see Len Funk!

I’ve not posted in a while…and I have LOTS to talk about!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the summer so far – I am loving having ZERO lectures, being able to train and massaging until my heart is content.

A week ago I visited Prof. Len Funk for the ‘final’ time…(I will explain those cheeky quotation marks later :D). It was great to see him again! Len said my shoulder looked the best he had seen it range-wise and that I looked strong. It’s true; my shoulder hasn’t had this amount of range since before my op – now a year and 2 months ago! The injection really did work the magic. A particular rehab exercise which has honestly been the best exercise yet to increase range is using a 2kg dumbbell to swing back in the javelin position. When I pull the dumbbell forward like a javelin, I allow my elbow and shoulder to relax so that the weight takes the arm backwards beyond its normal range. I do this for about 15 minutes a day after a set of weights/throwing/anything! Here’s a pic of me during jav throwing. By the way. Leggings.

Leggings though

Leggings though

Len also said the pain I still have is tightness pain and to give it time. In his words, even if I had sat with my arms by my sides, doing no rehab for the frozen shoulder, the shoulder would eventually ‘thaw’ out and my range will increase. Obviously, doing the rehab will increase the range more so than not. Frozen shoulder typically takes around 9 months to ‘thaw’ out but everyone is different.

Moving on to a different topic…the quotation marks! I said I would explain those things. Whilst I was talking to Len, the topic turned to sports massage and…physio! I was really inspired by Len and excited by the opportunities that a physio – as opposed to just being a sports masseuse – could have. I think I have my determined eyes set. Len VERY kindly even said I could have experience at his clinic!! Talking of physios – John Smith (my physio who saw me in the clinic straight after my op) also VERY kindly saw me that day to check up on my shoulder and also my knee which I have a bit of a niggle in. THANK YOU! Here’s our selfies XD

Len Funk & John Smith selfie

It’s been a week since the closing of the Commonwealth Games – it really did fly by. I was lucky enough to have bought tickets from a friend (thanks Sam!) to be able to watch one of the final days, including: men’s qualifying javelin, women’s high jump final, women’s discus, men’s triple jump & polevault, 1500m men, 800m women, 4x100m and 4x400m qualifying. BOLT too!

I loved being able to watch my friends competing, especially those in my training group. Here’s a few action shots of Jayne Nisbet, Benji Pearson, Jake Whiteman, Isobel Pooley, some of Glasgow city, cool little cars that retrieve the javelins and photos of me and my Dad! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a shot of James Campbell who is a big inspiration to me, but nevertheless, congratulations to all the athletes!

Glasgow collage

The massive stadium at Hampden Park..

Me & Dad glasgow hampden park

glasgow hoodie 2014

Me Bolt

Good old Dad

Me & Dad glasgow

It was an amazing experience – the crowd were crazily loud! Thanks to my Dad who drove for absolutely ages and paid for all my Costa’s 😛

Love this photo of Goldie watching her compete today!

Love his photo of Goldie watching her compete today!

This was after Goldie threw 62m today at Loughborough International here at Luffers! Glad I was able to see her throwing and capture this photo 🙂 This comp has really motivated me – throughout all the jav throwing today I was itching to get back on to that run way so badly! This time 2 years ago I was in my peak and throwing 48m + and very close to getting my first GB vest. I want that time back so much.
In the comp today there were four people who have had surgeries and come back from them to throw – today was exactly the extra bit of inspiration I needed! I am so happy for James Campbell, my team mate, who has had multiple shoulder surgeries and has attained Commonwealth Standard by 1cm!!

Only a matter of days before I am throwing this week :D

I’m so close! 🙂 I could have thrown javs a couple of months ago but I felt I needed to be stronger to make sure I will not hurt anything again. I’m so excited – I can barely contain it! A lot of three step drills need to be done, but I’m loving the external rotation I am now getting, enabling me to get into better positions! I don’t care if I throw 10m to begin with – to throw ANY distance again with a jav will be great!

Too exciting for me not to share! Coach tells me I can throw javs at the end of the month!

NEWS I will be throwing javelins by the end of this month.
Here’s me throwing balls more aggressively now and looking more like a thrower! It’s too exciting not to share! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF-amhjQDFs

My eyes widened and a barely-containable smile was plastered across my face when my coach said I’d be throwing at the end of the month! I’m starting to feel like a javelin thrower again. I am now beginning to be aware of that sling-shot feeling when I leave my arm back long enough; my hip strike and some separation between my hips and shoulder. It reminds me how quick the time has passed from when I first had my operation back in June ’12 to now, 8 months down the line.

I’ve adopted a new rehab routine, as the exercises before were not as optimal as what I am currently doing. I am doing rehab that focuses more specifically on stretching the shoulder capsule directly instead of at an angle or just stretching the muscles around it. I will upload a video soon to demonstrate these exercises. The difference I have noticed after only a couple of training sessions involving this new rehab routine has been amazing (very quick I know!) Before, we were stretching the capsule close to the limit of range which did hurt quite a bit, however this new rehab increases my flexibility in external rotation much more significantly AND feels a lot easier on my shoulder 😀 I really have the best of both worlds!

If only I could tell myself a few months ago what I know now! 🙂 Nevertheless, I am VERY excited that I am so close to throwing those spears again. AAAAHHHHHH!!! I can’t contain my excitement.

Since my op, I’ve had to block out a lot of my thoughts about javelin throwing because it upset me so much, but now, having been told the good news and seeing the difference in my ball throwing myself…I can allow myself to think A LITTLE…only a little – about it again! 😀 Ok, maybe more than a little. It feels good. I have had a lot of excitement and emotion bottled up and now I can allow a little to leak out. It feels good (for the second time)!!

Getting my strength back :)

I am a whole lot stronger than before. My right arm wittled down to – what I thought – a twig, but now I have surprised myself with what I can actually do. Getting a bit of bicep/tricep back – woopwoop! I miss being strong. I’ve now started doing quite a bit of upper body work…lat pull downs, light dumbbell press, powerbag work etc. My rehab now looks a little like this:


And a bit of medicine ball work…

med ball

And a few side planks with straight arm!


I’ve just bought a few bits of new adidas kit – it all adds to the motivation! I am definitely an Adidas girl…although the trainers need a bit of work haha.

We have a new javelin thrower/heptathlete in the group now – Kerry. Going to be confusing when David shouts either of our names haha! Really enjoying helping her through the exercises that are all mainly new to her. David’s training will be tough for her to begin with, but I’ll also be there to help motivate her! I think we will make good training partners 🙂