Lovely to wake up to this every morning!

FINALLY WIFI. Goodness. I am a lover of true relaxation, as are most people, and this hotel really is suited to this purpose down to a T. It’s actually a ‘couples hotel’ so both me and Sarah feel a little out of place!

It’s beautiful out here in this five star Yellow Hotel, Lagos, with a sea view on our doorstep and as peaceful as can be. It feels like such an escape, almost pausing time back over in Loughborough! We’ve been doing a bit of Thai Chi, yoga, cocktail making, dolphin spotting and will be doing a bit of fishing soon! I do miss good ol’ Luffers though, mainly the training and cooking my own food.

Lol, food. What food? I barely see what’s on my plate before I wolf it down. THE BEST FOOD I’ve had, ever. Portuguese certainly know how to cook their fish. I’ve tried lots of I-wouldn’t-choose-that-at-home kinda foods…..muscles, squid, oysters, monkfish – pretty meaty that one isn’t it? Everything is just cooked and presented to perfection, ohhhh the smoked salmon. Ohhhh that steak. OHH THOSE CHERRIES.

Maybe getting a little excited there…and I’ve only just had breakfast! Enough food talk, let’s talk dolphin watching. It’s unreal seeing them in the wild, their colours are so striking and they can gather such speed so quickly. They are one of my favourite animals, along with cheetahs and chameleons. Maybe throw in the meerkats in that category too, haha. *Annoying end-of-the-gocompare-TV-ad squeak* Check out the holiday photos and the dolphin spotting video I took at the front of the boat! πŸ˜€

Dolphin Watching Vid

Oh, and a last bit of good news – I can now do ten man press ups. None of that on your knees shazzam. A week ago I couldn’t even do one without collapsing!



I’ll have a kangaroo rump please!

Dat rump…..WOW!

I’ve never tasted anything so…meaty and delicious! I figured that kangaroos would have extremely muscular rumps with all that bounding they do, therefore matching up to that phenomenal taste! I had mine medium, still just a little red in the middle, which was just right to get a real meaty flavour.

It definitely is worth paying a little extra for something that you really want. Next time I’ll be getting a ‘kangaroo burger’ which is the meal Chloe, one of my flatmates I went with. Or I might push the boat out and get griddled crocodile. I hope you said that with an Aussie accent!

So if anyone is ever in Loughborough, get to Moomba, the Australian restaurant! Definitely recommend πŸ˜€


This is my post workout meal every day :D

Oh my teapot, this is so yummy….the key is garlic salt and a chicken oxo cube. πŸ˜€

Having that crumbled in there absolutely changes the dish and makes what could just be a bland dish into a very morish one!!

Some people can’t stand having the same thing every day, but I am now seeing food through nutritional value ‘eyes’ rather than to fill myself silly! I alternate between the same amount of chicken and mince steak, depending on what is waiting for me in the fridge! πŸ˜€

I’m eating every 2/3 hours which has made such a difference….no more murmurings of Kelly’s stomach causing an earthquake!

Life seems to be good at the moment; eating well, training well, post op rehab going well.

Quote of the day!

Training is the easy part. It’s the eating that is the challenge!


I’m a celebrity…eating crickets?!

A late birthday present from my bestie…probably the most interesting I’ve ever received! These leggy crickets, mainly seen prancing around grassy hillsides, are now within my insides. *Shudders* Think of the protein, think of the protein. They were actually pretty tasty and salty, maybe I should try out for I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!20130701-184640.jpg