My paving designs will be on Loughborough Uni campus in late September

My paving designs will be on Loughborough Uni campus in late September

I put a lot of work and effort into designing these paving slabs which will be just outside of the Clyde Williams Building – I can’t wait to see them in the flesh! Work has already begun on the Martin hall area but they will be finished late September. Unfortunately a lot of the design has had to be changed but to have an idea that started as a thought; a few doodles on paper; a design – to finally become the real thing that will be on Loughborough campus for years to come is a great feeling. If I see anyone dropping litter on my area I will whollop them one 😛

Here is the link to the staff magazine that briefly describes and shows where my paving slab designs will be!


Second Art Commission – Cute babies!

A month later, I was approached by another client who wanted a drawing of his baby nephews! I had never really drawn humans before…I do much prefer drawing animals/pets, however this was a new challenge and I loved it!

Humans are much more detailed in the way that a family member or friend will definitely recognise the differences in a person’s face if that drawing is not quite right. I am one of those people who tries to get every little part of a drawing perfect; no matter how many hours it may take. I did a drawing of my coach throwing a javelin, which is on my facebook and his face took two hours to do!!! Yeesh kapeesh. I do love a good challenge.

Some might ask how can I sit there for the nine hours it took to draw Will’s (the client’s) nephews for example, but I honestly just lose myself. I absolutely love it *smile and shrug* 😀 I get my music on and the second time I look at the clock it’s into the early hours of the morning and a couple of hours have passed!

So here is Will’s photo he gave me to draw from….
Neices picture

And my drawing of 9 hours…
Drawing Neices

The hardest parts were drawing the creases and folds in their jumpers – it can’t look as if there are caves in their clothing!!

And here is a little statement from Will 🙂

Will – “Having seen photos of Kelly’s drawings on facebook and knowing her well from Loughborough, I enquired about her being able to draw my two nephews from a small photo. She willingly accepted and produced the drawing quickly. I am very pleased with her drawing and is now framed on the kitchen wall. Kelly is good value for money!”


If you’d like to contact me for a commission, feel free to email me on 🙂

Dave – feedback for Monty drawing!

Dave – “Being a friend on facebook, I’d seen several of Kelly’s sketches. I asked her, informally, if she would consider doing a pencil drawing of our cat, Monty for my wife’s birthday. We discussed several photos and opted for one which showed him at his cheeky best.

I was delighted with the result especially once I’d had it professionally framed. Unfortunately we lost the wee fella before her birthday. However I gave her the picture early and she was so happy that Kelly had captured the character of our beloved moggie.

I will be asking her for a portrait of our new adoptee once we have a few good pictures to choose from!”

First Drawing Commission! :D

Wow, December already hey – where has 2013 gone?!
So I thought I’d jazz up my blog a little….even got the snow falling all over the show – surprised there’s not a snowman at the bottom! I wish I knew how to code websites properly….can’t get rid of the flippin’ blue headings which are a little contradictory to the rest of the colour code!

Anyway, back to business. So, settle down, I have a nice story to tell. Back in December 2012 I was approached by a facebook friend who was a BIG lover of……wait for it…..CATS. They had seen and known about my flair for art and enquired about drawing their pet as a commission. I was absolutely over the moon – my first paid drawing!! I could always imagine myself later in life having an art room to myself, full to the brim with art materials and pencils scattered across the desks….a place where I could lose myself in and get to work doing what I love. My bedroom became that place!

The client, Dave, gave me a few photos, of which we chose his favourite. Monty was a lovely cat – I loved his white whiskers and wide eyes. It was rather funny that the best photo actually had toilet rolls in the background where his cat, Monty was sat!

Monty Original

Layering fur is hard.

Especially with a black cat. I had to make the photo negative in order to see more detail and where the creases in Monty’s fur were. I love drawing eyes (even a cameleon’s) and that how simple tricks can absolutely bring them to life. My aim was to not let the drawing SEEM like a drawing; I wanted it to look like a picture. I was so nervous to begin with, as I wanted to get things right and I know that most pet owners would know their pet’s markings and fur colour off by heart. In total, I spent 13 hours drawing Monty. I loved every moment of it! 😀

So here is where I started….first a very light outline and fur….

Monty 1

And then began to use a heavier pencil to begin to give Monty a bit more body!

Monty 2


Monty 3

And finally more heavier pencils to create the final piece 😀

Finished Monty

Both Dave and I were very happy!

Can’t forget the signature…


If you would like to contact me for a commission feel free to email me 😀
Please comment on my drawing so I know what you think 🙂

Design Trip – things are progressing!

A few days ago I made a trip to Bolton to visit Hardscape, a company providing materials for landscape purposes…and the material I came to view was the granite and glass tiles for my paving slab designs.
P1100376 P1100373 P1100381

I had a meeting with a Hardscape designer and my project manager and it really inspired me, opening my eyes to the different methods and ways that designs could be put into the stone. Landscape design hasn’t really been my area in the past….but I’m loving it! 😀 I love the notion of being confronted with problems and ways to be economical and finding ways to overcome the problem to improve things. That’s the designer.

Things are progressing nicely at the moment. I’m coming closer to finalising my designs of ‘logos’ to represent each of the 10 schools of department within Loughborough Uni. My project managers are showing each design to each of the Deans of each school to see if they approve – eeek!!

Had to do a presentation to some other people in Facilities Management which my project managers sprung upon me on the day (I thought we just had a meeting) haha sneaky!! They were there to critique and they commented on one or two of my designs and said they were too ‘bitty’. I’m thankful for their observations and I’ve gone straight back to redesigning. A design is never ‘finished’.

I’ve tried to sneak a javelin thrower figure in one of the designs and I really hope it gets the ok haha!! I really want to put my mark on this project! Fingers are doubly crossed. I’ve just included a few photos of me working away!



Quick pen drawing of my hotel

Managed to catch a flippin’ chesty cough on holiday, I don’t know how I do it! Prolly the air conditioning that we leave on 24/7. So, with me not feeling too good, I decided to draw for a couple of hours and this is what I produced haha!

It’s not perfect and accurate, because I wanted to fit more on the page so I squashed the landscape a little. Please don’t begin counting sunbeds or palm trees or windows. Or blades of grass. I KNOW THEY AREN’T EXACT haha!! 😀 20130815-191638.jpg

Crazy…designing these scultpures til 4am…

Man. I’ve missed designing so much.

I can’t understand how I have let my arty side take a back seat over the last few years. HOW?! It’s about time I dusted off the cobwebs from my old pencils and paper (artists’ treasure)!

So yes, last night….I was still motoring away into the early unthinkable hours of the dawn chorus. Me, myself and I just letting out the creativity and letting the imagination flow. How I missed it. From 4pm – 4am I was sketching with charcoal, pencils and pen…getting far too excited when an idea popped into my head. I almost give myself whiplash when that happens!! Sitting bolt upright; brain ticking away, thinking of the possibilities…and then quickly the sketchy lines take a form. I guess it’s like when a mathematician finally figures out the answer, a mix of catDesign Ideas...harsis and excitement.

               I definitely have a powerful motivation for art; I recall many a night staying up late to finish my work.

               The satisfaction of the completion of work out weighs the thought of sleep. It never left me 😀

               I’ve recently been looking at a few things regarding my artwork and I’m very excited by the idea to try to promote and expand it.