2nd Shoulder Surgery – Onwards and Upwards!!!

There I was. Listening to the jolly anaesthetist chatting away as I smiled to myself. I had been here before – it was round two. I had a really good gut feeling about this second shoulder operation; I was ready.

It has, on one hand, been a long two years of rehab since my first operation repairing my dislocated shoulder…yet at the same time it has flown by. I am very, VERY glad to have blogged my experience throughout this period as I now have that to learn from, ensuring this time round I can better my decisions and rehab. Like I have said, I had a very good feeling about this – maybe I knew I needed it for a long time. I had been unfortunate with the circumstances after getting frozen shoulder (reason unknown) which set me back many months. Injections appeared to give a temporary release but then the new found range would diminish, appearing that the throwing action of javelin did not bode well with the shoulder. However, I am very glad I decided to go for this operation, as only 5 days post op I have, unbelievably, full range in flexion and external rotation – and only taking one diclofenac a day! 😀

Here is the animation of my type of surgery on Len Funk’s channel if you’re interested to know what went on in such a tiny space – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feEopNmKuzk

Also here is my video pre/post operation and a demonstration of the exercises I am currently doing. Sorry for the singing 😉

Time to take things slow, at my own pace and to look forward to having a shoulder ready for a good winter training bout.surgerydates
Thank you for the support I have had and to the BramFam ❤