EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!! 1) 2nd shoulder surgery 2) Starting crossfit

Aaaaah I am so excited!!!
Firstly, I have got my 2nd shoulder procedure date through – 10th September 2015 – during which I will be having my shoulder capsule loosened if Len Funk feels it is required! I am really excited for this as I feel this could really be the part of my recovery where I could FINALLY have the range I want. I really am excited about this – I have a good feeling about it all!

It has now been to years post op since 22nd June 2013 when I had my first shoulder operation and it has been a long battle, yet I have still remained passionate to throw competitively again. This Summer I have started crossfit to build up my fitness and strength ready for the coming winter training starting from October. I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT. Crossfit training really appeals to me for the huge variety of exercises; a combination of weights, gymnastics, running, body weight exercises etc. I treat alot of the crossfit community with sports massage in Loughborough and I feel so welcome in their gym – the people are lovely and have really helped me with the training. I have posted here a 3 minute training video, a combination of a week’s sessions in July! It really highlights the amount of leggings I have hahaha! #Addiction

Hopefully this sort of training will get me in really good shape ready for beasting this year’s winter training. 2016 WILL BE THE YEAR I WILL FINALLY COMPETE! Hopefully the recovery time for this second procedure in my shoulder will be around 4 weeks ish, so this will have minimal impact compared to last time!

I will give updates on how I get on with surgery in September and hopefully make a video if I am not too high on medication afterwards!


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