EXAMS ARE FINITO! Time to focus and enjoy the Summer :D

Woop-de-doo SUMMER EXAMS ARE FINITO! 😀 Until next year!

It’s been a bit of a slog, but I have enjoyed the challenge of the “remembering game” (my short term memory is TERRIBLE) and the feelings of freedom are currently sky high!! Third year has been much more of a step up to second year….**beware second years**….the term “critically analyse the current literature” will be read EVERYWHERE! All modules I have taken were my choice as opposed to compulsory not-quite-ma-kinda-thang modules; I feel I have learnt alot more relatable information that I can use in training, working with other people/athletes and to optimise my own health! I have particularly enjoyed studying nutrition, despite mine being – what I would say – tongue-in-cheek #NOPE. Snapchat recently has been saying it all. BUT THE NUTELLA PANCAKES LOOK SO GOOOOD – no no no. NO.


Wait, yes. Look at these nails I found on Insta…

nutella nails
Now is the time to get my head focused on javelin; training, hydration and nutrition! I haven’t trained for over a month and a half because I chose to prioritise my exams and revision. This has been one of the best choices I have made and the difference I have felt going into exams has been…frankly awesome! My last exam results weren’t what I expected and it was a shock. However, this time round, I learnt from my mistake of trying to do FAR TOO MUCH in a day. I therefore cut back training which has given me a break, after which now I am HUNGRY to get back into fitness and throwing spears properly again, and sports massage has also taken a back seat. I found that I have been far less stressed and in a better frame of mind to focus, instead of struggling to remain in revision mode whilst the adrenaline or tiredness after training was flowing through me.

HA HA HA something has just reminded me. This made my day. Listen in ‘ere. In my nutrition exam today…..the first question was “What is an isotonic drink?” and the second was “What are the four main constituents of an isotonic drink?” Some unexpected, but fairly easy questions to ease me into the exam….and JUST BEFORE THE EXAM I bought a Lucozade sport as a nice flavoursome drink which would, in my own little world, stimulate my taste buds and the part of the brain assoicated with “reward”, therefore possibly helping me to remember information. WELL. My eyes lit up as I read those questions!! (For the record, I knew those answers without looking at the ingredients but STILL, one extra smile to self during the exam didn’t hurt!)

2 hours later and I was non stop smiling whilst a kingsize Toby Carvery was being consumed. NOM. I am currently in Southport supporting my landlord/friend in his British finals in body building! I’ll post some photos I am sure! Check him out and follow the progress 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/JoshMaleyBodybuilder?fref=ts

Now is the time to get focused and ENJOY the summer! Tick off a few bucket list items…synthesise some Vitamin D…move out the old house and into the new…and celebrate 21 years of birth!

AND get blogging again. I’ve missed reading and blogging – expect to hear more of this Northern twaaang!


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