Steroid injection and shoulder simulator experience!

Aaaaaah!!! 😀 

Today’s appointment has jump started things again! It was good to see our Len again – he believes that the problem I have now is different to my initial problems I had when I injured my shoulder. He said he requires me to have a steroid injection to loosen off my shoulder and an MR Arthrogram where dye is injected into my capsule for Len to see how the repairs have come along.

I was faced with two options – pay for all of this myself and have the diagnosis today or go on the NHS and wait. Luckily, there was a third option for me to have the not-so-expensive steroid injection TODAY and have the MR Arthrogram on the NHS. I’m glad Mum made me hold back with things and save my money! Tah ma.

It all happened quite quickly and I didn’t really get chance to get nervous about the needle (thanks Len!) and the injection was over in a few seconds. An hour after and my shoulder feels now SO MUCH MORE FLEXIBLE OMG!! I don’t have any pain at all at the moment, just a nice smooth flexible joint! 🙂 I am cherishing every minute without pain in my shoulder right now! Len told me to start stretching it as soon as I can to keep this range. Worth every penny!

I need a letter from the GP now to have the MR Arthrogram so this should be a little wait. I am excited for this as Len will be able to see if there is anything going on inside the joint. I’ll be a regular traveller up to Manchester! In the meantime, if this injection appears to work then there may be no need to have anything else done! Only time will tell 🙂 

Thanks a lot to Benji and his dad for taking me to the clinic (52 Alderley Road) and to Len for giving me a much needed boost! 

One last thing…..Len let me have a go on the SHOULDER SURGERY SIMULATOR. How cool is that?! I had a go….and I got the high score 😮 maybe I’m in the wrong degree hahaha!! Here’s a pic on the simulator with the shoulder!

The pink thing is the plastic shoulder and the things I am holding are the cannulas that a surgeon would use to probe into the shoulder and to tie wires/stitches. Loved it! 


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