A deeper insight / Len Funk appointment soon!

For me, being injured has knocked me back a few steps but has also leapt me forward too. Adversity really does make the highs higher and knowledge and skills I have gained throughout my injury have been invaluable. It has helped me to succeed in many ways; through working hard to build my own sports massage business, being more knowledgable about my own body in training and learning a heck of a lot about shoulders! 

On the contrary, this has not come without many lows. The reason I keep myself ridiculously busy is so I have minimal time by myself to slip into thinking negatively about javelin and the pain I still get when throwing. That speck in time when my shoulder dislocated with 85kg above my head still rings in my head, playing over and over – it still has the same effect as it did 2 years ago when I sustained the injury. It is easy when you’re alone to spiral into this dark whirlwind of thought and so the best thing for me has been that I have been able to be around people a lot of the time, whether working or training. THANK YOU TO ALL THESE PEOPLE!! 🙂 

Recently I contacted Len Funk aka shoulder god and he would like to do some tests on me to see if something is still going on in the shoulder. I have got an appointment on MONDAY (so soon!!) to see him – I am looking forward to this very much! Hopefully he will be able to tell me exactly what is happening and possibly any ways I can improve 🙂

I will write an update after Monday’s appointment 🙂 



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