Who would have thought that I would have entered a competition after not throwing a shot put since 2009 and only having done 1 throwing session earlier in the week!

This has all stemmed from my coach saying I should take up another sport alongside javelin to 1) help with my shoulder and keep me active 2) distract a little from the stagnation in training recently! I thought it would be a good idea to try shot again as it was one of my stronger events in mi pentathlon days, coupled with the fact that OUR DOUG was willing to coach me. We did a throwing session with the shot on Wednesday, after which I spontaneously signed up for the Loughborough Open comp.

I couldn’t believe this would be the first time representing Loughborough and competing for over two years I have been studying here, never mind INDOOR events!! The six throw succession went like this….(also the video is at the bottom).

Shot results 10th Jan

And ended up with a big PB of 10.82m! 😀 I was VERY ‘appeh with that! My flatmates were filming me and Sam was giving me a bit of advice on getting my right leg underneath me so I have more weight behind the shot – as you can see this one thing resulted in a jump from 10.17m to 10.82m! This is what I love about athletics and sport – being able to improve your positioning/movements/way of thinking, resulting in a more efficient and further throwing distance in this case! Apparently I have a “javelin hip” which strikes forward instead of the “shot hip” that strikes UP! Plenty to work on. He’s a few pics…

Holding shot

Glide shot

For me, this has given me a big positive boost. I am surprised at how much it has effected how I throw the javelin and my thoughts towards throwing – I now do believe in myself to get back to throwing considerable distances again. The past few months have been fairly stagnant in terms of distance/technique improvements, but I threw today and I could tell I was in a much better frame of mind to throw. Today I was throwing about 5m further which really is a great improvement for me after throwing the same distances for so long.

I will be competing again on 31st Jan to try and better my PB – I can’t wait! This will be a good warm up to working towards outdoor javelin competitions.

Here is my PB throw video! Thanks Alex for taking this 😀


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