Massage tools

Na then. I thought I would share just a couple of things which I think are quite interesting.

I had a massive urge to get “one-of-those-head-thingies-which-look-like-a-spider-and-go-on-your-head-like-this” (I act it out to the shop owner). This description seemed to work pretty well in the five shops that I ventured to in order to find this marvelous creation. What I am talking about is one of these.

A head massager. Much simpler that my waffle.

head massager

So these weird looking things CLAIM to relieve joints and increase blood circulation by using it on the head (yep – amazing), knee (ok…), hands (what?) and face (surely they are taking the mick). HOW ON EARTH can you not poke your eye out when you use one of those things on your face!? That will surely do the opposite of ‘relieving’ joints.

Anyway I have seriously recommended getting one to people – it’s SO simple but it feels so good on your head! I even put mine in the freezer – I’m a serious head massager user! £1.50 from a shop called ‘Bonkers’ in Loughborough town – or just get it from Poundland/Wilkos!

Another interesting object…

A friend who was helping me to look for ways I could protect my thumbs a bit more when I massage bought me this strange looking object…

Index Knobber collage

Here I am demonstrating how you can hold it. I know what you’re thinking.
I would like to host a name-the-object competition but I can’t even imagine what names there could be swimming around in people’s heads.

The nobble? The blue thing? The knuckle duster?



That is the name. It actually works really well! It can be used for trigger pointing when massaging instead of my putting all that force through my poor thumbs. I’ve used it on quite a few people and the feedback has been pretty good. I am incorporating it more into my massages now! 😀


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