Commonwealth Games Glasgow & last trip to see Len Funk!

I’ve not posted in a while…and I have LOTS to talk about!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the summer so far – I am loving having ZERO lectures, being able to train and massaging until my heart is content.

A week ago I visited Prof. Len Funk for the ‘final’ time…(I will explain those cheeky quotation marks later :D). It was great to see him again! Len said my shoulder looked the best he had seen it range-wise and that I looked strong. It’s true; my shoulder hasn’t had this amount of range since before my op – now a year and 2 months ago! The injection really did work the magic. A particular rehab exercise which has honestly been the best exercise yet to increase range is using a 2kg dumbbell to swing back in the javelin position. When I pull the dumbbell forward like a javelin, I allow my elbow and shoulder to relax so that the weight takes the arm backwards beyond its normal range. I do this for about 15 minutes a day after a set of weights/throwing/anything! Here’s a pic of me during jav throwing. By the way. Leggings.

Leggings though

Leggings though

Len also said the pain I still have is tightness pain and to give it time. In his words, even if I had sat with my arms by my sides, doing no rehab for the frozen shoulder, the shoulder would eventually ‘thaw’ out and my range will increase. Obviously, doing the rehab will increase the range more so than not. Frozen shoulder typically takes around 9 months to ‘thaw’ out but everyone is different.

Moving on to a different topic…the quotation marks! I said I would explain those things. Whilst I was talking to Len, the topic turned to sports massage and…physio! I was really inspired by Len and excited by the opportunities that a physio – as opposed to just being a sports masseuse – could have. I think I have my determined eyes set. Len VERY kindly even said I could have experience at his clinic!! Talking of physios – John Smith (my physio who saw me in the clinic straight after my op) also VERY kindly saw me that day to check up on my shoulder and also my knee which I have a bit of a niggle in. THANK YOU! Here’s our selfies XD

Len Funk & John Smith selfie

It’s been a week since the closing of the Commonwealth Games – it really did fly by. I was lucky enough to have bought tickets from a friend (thanks Sam!) to be able to watch one of the final days, including: men’s qualifying javelin, women’s high jump final, women’s discus, men’s triple jump & polevault, 1500m men, 800m women, 4x100m and 4x400m qualifying. BOLT too!

I loved being able to watch my friends competing, especially those in my training group. Here’s a few action shots of Jayne Nisbet, Benji Pearson, Jake Whiteman, Isobel Pooley, some of Glasgow city, cool little cars that retrieve the javelins and photos of me and my Dad! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a shot of James Campbell who is a big inspiration to me, but nevertheless, congratulations to all the athletes!

Glasgow collage

The massive stadium at Hampden Park..

Me & Dad glasgow hampden park

glasgow hoodie 2014

Me Bolt

Good old Dad

Me & Dad glasgow

It was an amazing experience – the crowd were crazily loud! Thanks to my Dad who drove for absolutely ages and paid for all my Costa’s šŸ˜›


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