YES YES YES! My shoulder will be ok – birthday hydrodilation injection to release my shoulder

I’m so happy I can barely write! Please bear with me whilst I get out all my emotions on here. πŸ˜€

So over the past few months I have had a lot trouble with my stiff shoulder. If I were to put my arm in a lollipop lady STOP sign pose, I just can’t rotate my shoulder backwards any further. This has been very frustrating because I’ve done my rehab and had massage and it hasn’t made much difference to the stiffness pain. Don’t get me wrong, massage has especially it’s made a great difference to my overall shoulder movement but there is still that underlying stiffness right in there that neither rehab nor massage can fix. Anyone having a shoulder operation out there – MASSAGE IS VERY IMPORTANT, particularly in the latissimus dorsi. I wish I had had much more massage from the start to save a lot of uncomfortable pain. A big thanks to my massage buddy Alex Nwenwu who has put up with me squirming about on the massage bed for the majority of this year and also Michael Allen who’s made a great difference in the latter couple of months too.

SO! About a month ago Alex found a lump around where the deltoid tuberosity is which I then thought the pain was coming from. All sorts were suggested by many people – bone calcification, something broken off, a muscle tear….so. There was no other choice but to come back to the library of information Mr Len Funk #shouldergod

Man, it was good to see him again! He had an Italian shoulder surgeon with him observing the consultations I am assuming – and whilst palpating my shoulder Len made a pasta joke. What a cool guy.

I described my problem with Len listening intently…after which Len tested my range and strength. He was pretty impressed with my strength despite my problem and confidently said “you must have rehabbed it pretty well!” He then tested my weaknesses haha – such as putting my hand behind my back (still can’t really do up a bra properly haha)! He then looked at the Italian surgeon and they agreed it was far too stiff than what it should be.

Len then whipped out the ultra sound machine and we had a look at the capsule, cartilage and muscle in my deltoids. He was impressed with the muscle bulk in my delts (I liked being able to identify the anterior, middle and posterior on the black and white screen as a lover of anatomy!). He looked further down to where my proposed lump was near the deltoid tuberosity and found nothing significant on the scan, which he explained was a ‘muscle knot’. This can be massaged to remove it; however he really emphasised to not go massaging too deep around the deltoid area due to the importance of the auxiliary nerve that is crucial for deltoid function. Finally, and most importantly, on the ultrasound scan he looked at the cartilage around my joint which he identified as being very thick. This is what has been making my shoulder stiff!

So….what I have is called (in therapists’ lingo), ADHESIVE CAPSULITIS. Or more generally – FROZEN SHOULDER. Check out the easily understandable webpage on Len Funk’s website which also has a video which helps to understand what my shoulder condition is:

Len instantly said the way to cure this is to have a HYDRODILATION INJECTION. This effectively relieves the stiff joint and will allow me to regain my long lost range that I so need to throw properly! Some people have relief and uber range straight after the injection: some in a few hours, some in a couple of weeks. The best news – they could probably fit me in this Wednesday – straight after my birthday on Tuesday!!

As I’m not insured I will be paying for this myself and so I will doing a lot of massaging to afford this injection to GET MY LIFE BACK PROPERLY πŸ˜€

Just need to throw this in – I turned down a trip with my best friends to Disneyland for this.

SO this has been a GREAT day for me. Looks like my Physio Phil will be seeing more of me soon haha! I am now filled with confidence from Len that this injection into my shoulder will be the final touch to get my range back.

Bring on the injection! πŸ˜€


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