Throwing Javelins 11 Months post-op

We are nearly at that 1 year mark! It has certainly been an emotional rollercoaster recently – things have been frustrating and not as pain free as I would have hoped – but thanks to my massage therapist who I have only had a few treatments from so far, Mike Allen, I now have incredible range compared to before.

My lat felt like a flippin’ golf ball due to the muscle being VERY tight indeed – it needed a strong pair of hands to smooth it out – something I wish I had done a while ago. Because the muscles around my shoulder have been restricting movement, my rehab has been good, but only in very restricted range compared to what I can get now. You can only begin to rehab a shoulder properly once you have full range!

The joint inside is still stiff, but with massage treatment it is now beginning to move more. Yesterday when I was throwing, I managed to put the most force through the javelin that I have been able to since my operation. Again, I am only throwing about 25m at a guess, however they are going further than last month – any progression is a positive! 🙂 I know I have to be patient – and right now those memories of me competing and throwing properly are coming back to me as I’m beginning to put more force through the jav!

Apologies for not posting for a while – I have been so busy with uni work (5 exams and several courseworks to do soon), training and massage.


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