Too exciting for me not to share! Coach tells me I can throw javs at the end of the month!

NEWS I will be throwing javelins by the end of this month.
Here’s me throwing balls more aggressively now and looking more like a thrower! It’s too exciting not to share!

My eyes widened and a barely-containable smile was plastered across my face when my coach said I’d be throwing at the end of the month! I’m starting to feel like a javelin thrower again. I am now beginning to be aware of that sling-shot feeling when I leave my arm back long enough; my hip strike and some separation between my hips and shoulder. It reminds me how quick the time has passed from when I first had my operation back in June ’12 to now, 8 months down the line.

I’ve adopted a new rehab routine, as the exercises before were not as optimal as what I am currently doing. I am doing rehab that focuses more specifically on stretching the shoulder capsule directly instead of at an angle or just stretching the muscles around it. I will upload a video soon to demonstrate these exercises. The difference I have noticed after only a couple of training sessions involving this new rehab routine has been amazing (very quick I know!) Before, we were stretching the capsule close to the limit of range which did hurt quite a bit, however this new rehab increases my flexibility in external rotation much more significantly AND feels a lot easier on my shoulder 😀 I really have the best of both worlds!

If only I could tell myself a few months ago what I know now! 🙂 Nevertheless, I am VERY excited that I am so close to throwing those spears again. AAAAHHHHHH!!! I can’t contain my excitement.

Since my op, I’ve had to block out a lot of my thoughts about javelin throwing because it upset me so much, but now, having been told the good news and seeing the difference in my ball throwing myself…I can allow myself to think A LITTLE…only a little – about it again! 😀 Ok, maybe more than a little. It feels good. I have had a lot of excitement and emotion bottled up and now I can allow a little to leak out. It feels good (for the second time)!!


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