A day of sports massage – done! (:

Well hello there 2014! 😀 I do somewhat feel refreshed; ready for a new year, a new start and ready for triumphs and challenges ahead. Despite being a little burdened with the pressure of exams, I am definitely feeling rejuvenated. A little home time has helped…and the bonus of having meals prepared for me…hehe (me and Sarah are good girls and wash up though)!

I hope you’re not raising an eyebrow there 😛 We do!

Today I have returned to Loughy for a day, and all I’ve done is perform sports massages on clients! I have loved it so much, I think I am quite suited to the job – I love being around people, I love learning about anatomy of the body, I enjoy trying to help people and each person has a different scenario to treat each time. I am going to work my butt off to improve my knowledge and work my way up. I have had a lot of requests so far which is lovely, and good feedback too 🙂 I am glad to have found something that I am willing to do anything for, a possible career choice!

A big thank you to the clients I saw today and will see on the day/s I am back to Loughy. Just to get these exams out the way now!



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