A very Happy New Year to all! :D

I can’t believe this year has been over so quick! A rather conventional phrase, but I really can’t! ALOT has happened in 2013; I’ve been carried on an emotional blustery wind, but of course, stopping to enjoy the scenery along the way. This year for me, has been mostly about discovering who is important and to keep them close. I am a lot closer to my family – I don’t think I’ve missed them as much as I have done this year.

The Bramfam; Our Mel, Our Phil and Our Sarah 😉

They’ve been so good to me and I’ll never be able to repay them for helping me through the tough times! I bought my family a PedEgg for Christmas though. That’ll suffice 😉 Only kidding!

And then of course, the friends – what would I do without them?! 😀 I thank them for the happy times and the lessons they’ve taught me.

So, what for the new year?!

I think this will be the year that I will venture down more direct paths of what I’d like to do in the future. I have a gut feeling I’ll be continuing to develop with my sports massage…..all this human anatomy I’m learning has been exactly what I’ve been waiting for at uni! Yes I’ve learnt some in my modules in Sports Science, however, just not the level of detail and interest that I’ve found with the massage course! Next year I will also be qualified to coach groups of athletes on my own so I am hoping to broaden the coaching side of my life that I enjoy.

And of course, to get back to doing what I love again, throwing those sticks. 😀 I’m looking forward to really knuckling down after my exams in January and making the most of my opportunities in Loughborough. Personally I can’t see how I’m going to leave that little town. It’s got everything I need athletics wise – brilliant facilities and the friends I’ve made there. It will be my ‘last’ year of my degree next year…it’s pretty scary to think that. I will probably be doing a Masters Degree, further improving my knowledge – whether this be within Sports Science….or art/design if I can, I don’t quite know! And also another excuse to stay and train there, hehe! 😀

So for the new year, hope it’s a happy and fruitful one. Keep what you trust close and achieve your dreams 🙂 x

Happy New Year from me!



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