Massage Course Begins! :)

Day One of Massage Course = complete 😀

I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. When I was busy stressing on which Uni course to pick two years ago, I did give it a fair bit of consideration to do a Physiotherapy course. I got told the typical “there’s no jobs in physio and it’s pretty competitive“. Well, there’s few jobs in anything and applies in most jobs to be honest! I would have really enjoyed the course – I’ve always been the one to give a fellow training partner a bit of a loosen off or a massage if they needed it. Look at these photos that were taken in 2009 when I was training back in Sheffield….



I did a few backs, quads and hamstrings too last year. A photo from April in Portugal at warm weather training…

Looks like fun! I do like ironing out those tight grisly areas; it’s strangely therapeutic.
So after my massage course, practical assessments and theory assessments in January, I will be have attained a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage. Hoping to set up a facebook page and have a little bit of a small business 🙂 I’m sure it will be very useful further down the line.

We looked at the basics today – lots of special massage words went flying about…EffleuragePetrissage…all I could think of was that sweet creamy pudding… BLANCMANGE

Food always on the brain eeee dear!!

My calves are well and truly massaged to jelly today. By the end of the course my whole body will have nice free moving muscles 😀


I threw a 400g ball javelin style a few days ago. Oh my golly, I nearly cried with happiness. I thought I was dreaming, it felt amazing. Have strong urges to welly it, but I know I absolutely cannot do that yet! Nearly 6 months down the line and giving weighted ball a bit of a throw – very happy. 😀 😀


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