Second Art Commission – Cute babies!

A month later, I was approached by another client who wanted a drawing of his baby nephews! I had never really drawn humans before…I do much prefer drawing animals/pets, however this was a new challenge and I loved it!

Humans are much more detailed in the way that a family member or friend will definitely recognise the differences in a person’s face if that drawing is not quite right. I am one of those people who tries to get every little part of a drawing perfect; no matter how many hours it may take. I did a drawing of my coach throwing a javelin, which is on my facebook and his face took two hours to do!!! Yeesh kapeesh. I do love a good challenge.

Some might ask how can I sit there for the nine hours it took to draw Will’s (the client’s) nephews for example, but I honestly just lose myself. I absolutely love it *smile and shrug* 😀 I get my music on and the second time I look at the clock it’s into the early hours of the morning and a couple of hours have passed!

So here is Will’s photo he gave me to draw from….
Neices picture

And my drawing of 9 hours…
Drawing Neices

The hardest parts were drawing the creases and folds in their jumpers – it can’t look as if there are caves in their clothing!!

And here is a little statement from Will 🙂

Will – “Having seen photos of Kelly’s drawings on facebook and knowing her well from Loughborough, I enquired about her being able to draw my two nephews from a small photo. She willingly accepted and produced the drawing quickly. I am very pleased with her drawing and is now framed on the kitchen wall. Kelly is good value for money!”


If you’d like to contact me for a commission, feel free to email me on 🙂


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