Design Trip – things are progressing!

A few days ago I made a trip to Bolton to visit Hardscape, a company providing materials for landscape purposes…and the material I came to view was the granite and glass tiles for my paving slab designs.
P1100376 P1100373 P1100381

I had a meeting with a Hardscape designer and my project manager and it really inspired me, opening my eyes to the different methods and ways that designs could be put into the stone. Landscape design hasn’t really been my area in the past….but I’m loving it! 😀 I love the notion of being confronted with problems and ways to be economical and finding ways to overcome the problem to improve things. That’s the designer.

Things are progressing nicely at the moment. I’m coming closer to finalising my designs of ‘logos’ to represent each of the 10 schools of department within Loughborough Uni. My project managers are showing each design to each of the Deans of each school to see if they approve – eeek!!

Had to do a presentation to some other people in Facilities Management which my project managers sprung upon me on the day (I thought we just had a meeting) haha sneaky!! They were there to critique and they commented on one or two of my designs and said they were too ‘bitty’. I’m thankful for their observations and I’ve gone straight back to redesigning. A design is never ‘finished’.

I’ve tried to sneak a javelin thrower figure in one of the designs and I really hope it gets the ok haha!! I really want to put my mark on this project! Fingers are doubly crossed. I’ve just included a few photos of me working away!




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