Chinese Dry Cupping – Ouch!

Chinese dry cups on

Ouch I hear you say!

It looks worse that what it feels like, promise. So today I had two ‘love bites’ to try and release my shoulder haha!

Chinese cups off

So the way Chinese Dry Cupping works…
(Glass) bells are placed on the skin and a vacuum is attached to the top tube, enabling the air to be sucked out of the bell. This causes the skin to be sucked upwards. As you can see from the photo, my skin is raised up like half a flippin’ golf ball!
These are then left for ten minutes or so – they hurt a little but not much at all.

How is that deep red bruise helping my shoulder I hear you say! It’s what I thought when I craned my neck right back to see them! Drawing the skin upwards effectively draws toxins, stagnant blood and cellular debris up to the surface to be cleared away by the free flowing blood. There’s also a bit of capillary breakage so blood will also rush to the area – further helping to deepen my colourful cupping bruises! It’s really the opposite of massage (pressing down on the skin so that toxins and debris etc are directed towards the lymph nodes to clear), however it has similar effects.

I’ll have those bruises for a week or so (tah Phil haha)….good job I won’t have to wear any backless dresses in the near future!!! Swimmers often use this method…maybe look out for similar bruises like mine on the TV! My shoulder does appear to be a lot more free – the one on my trap did the most I think – the deeper the colour, the more shazzam has been drawn out from deep in my tissues.

Apologies for not posting much at all these two weeks….I’ve had a pretty bad cold that I haven’t been able to throw off. A bit of Bramhald family loving has really helped though 😀 Good old Donny! Almost back to 100% now. I’ve had a lot on….doing my Coaching level 2 – Athletics Coach award, First Aid course and meeting deadlines for my design work! I’m sure I’ll give you a sneaky peak at some point 😉


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