Getting my strength back :)

I am a whole lot stronger than before. My right arm wittled down to – what I thought – a twig, but now I have surprised myself with what I can actually do. Getting a bit of bicep/tricep back – woopwoop! I miss being strong. I’ve now started doing quite a bit of upper body work…lat pull downs, light dumbbell press, powerbag work etc. My rehab now looks a little like this:


And a bit of medicine ball work…

med ball

And a few side planks with straight arm!


I’ve just bought a few bits of new adidas kit – it all adds to the motivation! I am definitely an Adidas girl…although the trainers need a bit of work haha.

We have a new javelin thrower/heptathlete in the group now – Kerry. Going to be confusing when David shouts either of our names haha! Really enjoying helping her through the exercises that are all mainly new to her. David’s training will be tough for her to begin with, but I’ll also be there to help motivate her! I think we will make good training partners 🙂


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