First time holding a jav again for months!

Jav 2013 oct
I can’t tell you how much happier I feel. Winter training started Monday and I absolutely love it; I can’t believe I have spent SO MANY MONTHS not being able to do the things I am doing now. This is what I live for – I honestly don’t know what I would do without my sport.

My first of two sessions yesterday was a hard bike session…and I vommed. Hard. It was horrible waiting for it to happen but I felt great afterwards knowing that I had pushed myself to the limit. I now know I can go a bit harder next time! 😀 Today I did some jav drills with my hands resting over the javelin instead of holding it – my lack of flexibility can’t quite handle the proper grip yet! To strap on my javelin boots again after all those months was even a buzz in itself. I really am so happy. Here’s a quick vid of me doing my drills – all matching in yellow. Always an adidas gal 😉

Things are definitely on the up. I can feel those little endorphins running through my blood! 😀 But, hard training doesn’t come without those DOMS. Dang you DOMS.


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