Surgeon Len Funk is happy 3 months post op! :D

I’m a happy chappy today, saw our Len haha, what a guy. He was happy with how things have been going so far; happy with the exercises Phil has prescribed, thought my range was excellent and scapula was moving really well! He mentioned that I could have an injection to release some of the fibres in there aiding the process but he said I didn’t need it. After all, slow and steady wins the race. The one thing he said to work on was my flexibility when my arm was raised at 90 degrees during external rotation, in a kind of ‘lollipop lady stop’ position. Phil has been giving me acupuncture in my lat and physio around the area which has helped. Be it that it may take me a year to get back properly, I’ll just be bubbling and simmering away, laying the foundations through the training I am able to do until my body heals.

As you can see from the photo I’m pretty happy. Buzzing at the fact that Len has followed my blog haha

He also showed me the…cannula that went into my shoulder ohhhhhh just look at the size of it!!



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