How it all started!

“Just come with me a minute Kelly” Mr Foster said, walking onto the primary school field holding a foam javelin. I had just finished a rounders match with the same group of Year 5s who played every lunch time.

He told me to give it a throw. Now, those who have thrown a foam javelin know that it can either fly pretty well or it can be disastrous and drop right in front of you if you try too hard. The latter happened to me first time. Mr Foster told me to try again, and the second time it flew much better.

This was to be a turning point in my life, a direction, a discovery and it was thanks to the one who spotted a good arm on me, Mr Foster. I believe that playing rounders for a good two years trained my arm to throw. We weren’t allowed to use a bat to hit the ball with due to health and safety reasons…someone actually got thwacked on the head once….so we just had to lob the ball as far as we could. Every lunch we played; it was what we all wolfed our lunch down and rushed outside to play for.

From then on, Mr Foster told me to join the local athletics club, Doncaster & Retford A.C at the time. I remember my first competition well as i entered the wrong age group and my scores didn’t count! I was 11 and meant i was to be the youngest in the Under 13 age group, but being new to the sport, we entered the U11s. I began to do cross country and pentathlon with training for javelin on the side. I still remember those cold muddy sessions on Retford fields, sometimes ending with a bag of Sea Salt crisps if Dad was feeling generous! Man, those crisps. Salt and vinegar every time.

I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to Willow Primary and see if any of my old teachers are still there 🙂 I often see some teachers out and about in the crowd when I’m in Doncaster and I smile to think of the good memories I had back there.

Ill be writing about decisions I had to make during the few years I’ve had in my next written blog!


2 thoughts on “How it all started!

  1. MR FOSTER! He was so good at spotting potential, he certainly inspired and encouraged me with my writing and stuff. Certainly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

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