Feeling normal again :D

Time has FA-LOWN by! It’s now two months and two weeks since I had surgery. It definitely feels like more than a few months have lapsed! As you can see from the photo, my front scar has healed up nicely. The lower left photo shows the reaction I had to the plaster….woohoo i have found something I am allergic to! I can feel the stitch beneath the skin *shudders* but should be gone after 9 months!

I am seeing Prof. Funk again on the 25th September for what should be the last time 🙂 Yesterday I was flicking through the notes he had written previously, and as I read “her range of movement is excellent in clinic today…Kelly is making good progress” I couldn’t help but smile happily to myself. I am excited to see him again and to hear what he has to say; he is a man who appears to have the utmost certainty and trust but does not have a hint of being over-powering at all. I do feel comfortable and confident around him. If there are any people out there, be it athletes or anyone struggling with an upper body injury of the elbow/shoulder, I would suggest taking a look at Prof. Funk’s website at http://www.shoulderdoc.co.uk/index.asp as this helps you to self diagnose! There’s so much information on there and it really helped me to understand what was going on beneath the skin! If you scroll down on this particular link you can read about and see where one of my tears was located (Bankart Tear in my Labrum)…http://www.shoulderdoc.co.uk/articletile.asp?article=1192&section=24&tile=5

Physio Phil has stepped up my rehab quite a bit which is pretty exciting – I’m now using a Reformer which is a machine that enables me to pull my own body weight on a sliding panel (with me kneeling), therefore strengthening my shoulder, back and core all in one. Also, I use TRX (total body resistance exercise) which is basically two handles attached to the ceiling that I can do pull ups on but at a slant so my shoulder takes some of the weight. Phil has told me I can now do side planks which I am very happy about, time to get those abdominals back haha!

Now we are going to work on getting my flexibility back in my shoulder now that my scars have healed up better. Stretching it out would have disturbed the stitching within so it was better not to risk anything. I have well contained thoughts about throwing and getting back into the gym doing weights and Olympic lifts, I am definitely keeping my excitement under control so to not increase the risk of damaging anything further. I feel that is a much better mind set to be in!

Winter training starts soon on the 30th September – I cannae wait, I really can’t. I am excited to have a structure to my day again, balancing lectures, training, work and a few hobbies in there too. It can’t come quickly enough. I can do most things normally now, apart from reaching behind me. The only times it hurts a little is when I’m baking or cooking and I flippin’ burn myself. Having my Mum’s awesome table tennis reaction time, my body naturally jerks my arm upwards at quite some speed! Great for flight or fight situations but when a javelin thrower has undergone delicate surgery, tis not! Anyway, I’m seeing Phil at 8.30am tomorrow so hopefully both of us will be happy with the progression of the more weight-bearing exercises 😀



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