I’ll have a kangaroo rump please!

Dat rump…..WOW!

I’ve never tasted anything so…meaty and delicious! I figured that kangaroos would have extremely muscular rumps with all that bounding they do, therefore matching up to that phenomenal taste! I had mine medium, still just a little red in the middle, which was just right to get a real meaty flavour.

It definitely is worth paying a little extra for something that you really want. Next time I’ll be getting a ‘kangaroo burger’ which is the meal Chloe, one of my flatmates I went with. Or I might push the boat out and get griddled crocodile. I hope you said that with an Aussie accent!

So if anyone is ever in Loughborough, get to Moomba, the Australian restaurant! Definitely recommend 😀



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