Crazy…designing these scultpures til 4am…

Man. I’ve missed designing so much.

I can’t understand how I have let my arty side take a back seat over the last few years. HOW?! It’s about time I dusted off the cobwebs from my old pencils and paper (artists’ treasure)!

So yes, last night….I was still motoring away into the early unthinkable hours of the dawn chorus. Me, myself and I just letting out the creativity and letting the imagination flow. How I missed it. From 4pm – 4am I was sketching with charcoal, pencils and pen…getting far too excited when an idea popped into my head. I almost give myself whiplash when that happens!! Sitting bolt upright; brain ticking away, thinking of the possibilities…and then quickly the sketchy lines take a form. I guess it’s like when a mathematician finally figures out the answer, a mix of catDesign Ideas...harsis and excitement.

               I definitely have a powerful motivation for art; I recall many a night staying up late to finish my work.

               The satisfaction of the completion of work out weighs the thought of sleep. It never left me 😀

               I’ve recently been looking at a few things regarding my artwork and I’m very excited by the idea to try to promote and expand it.



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