Back to training we go!

It feels SO good to get back into a little bit of training

I have written my own schedule from an amalgamation of my past programmes, giving me a little more responsibility. I have taken bits from circuits and cardio sessions (fabulous in this heat wave) that don’t put my arm at risk but I will still be able to push myself.

That’s what I miss most about the gym I think, pushing myself and feeling that bit of adrenaline that you need for you to complete the rep. But of course, most of all I miss the feeling I get when I throw that javelin; the tingle throughout my whole body in the milliseconds before I’m about to throw, an internal awareness of where every limb of my body is, tensed and ready to ‘‘unleash hell!’ as my coach, David Parker says. I do miss alot having him there to correct my technique and to see the results in my throwing from doing what he says.

However, I’m very motivated for training and it is nice to give myself my own goals and to be able to make every rep the best I can. My left arm is a lot more toned than my right….imagine half a Pop Eye πŸ˜›

I am positive about my recovery – my shoulder movement in front and to the side is so much better now! I can raise my shoulder out to the side and up to the top, however I can’t quite get it to touch my ear, it is more just up to my cheekbone! To think it is only three weeks and a day since my op, I am surprised I can move it that well πŸ™‚ the physio is surprised too and very happy with my progression so far. I am paying Prof. Funk a visit on the 17th for a check up and hopefully he will also be happy with things.

The road to recovery ball is picking up the pace! πŸ˜€


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