Taken a turn for the better :)

Aaah I do love a good sit down, music on, creative thinking cap ON.

I’ve made a significant U turn in the recovery tracks I’m making. As you can probably tell by all this food talk recently, I’m back to having a good ol’ nosh on the taters. Sweet potatoes of course. Meals of today and most days now have been as follows…
Breakfast:- 2 weetabix with 100g Total greek yoghurt, sprinkled with a small handful of strawbs and cherries, 20g of walnuts and a little jam to get the tastebuds jumping a bit 😀
Dinner/Lunch:- *Insert previous blog photo of Nana’s superb Sunday Dinner*
Tea:- 2 large eggs, topped with 30g cheese.
Snacks:- Well….I have to get my protein up so I had half a can of tuna. And saw a few friends today and we shared a few segments of >ehem<  a chocolate orange

Wish I didn’t have to highlight that last one to make it stand out even more, but I’m not going to slip into self denial! Last few days have been pretty much like that with the odd sweet potato, cod or chicken fillet thrown in somewhere instead.

Anyhoo, back to the actual point of my blog. You’ll find I get side tracked a lot, following trails of thought that make me smile inside. My exercises which I’ll probably show on a video have progressed a lot – my shoulder seems to allow me to go a little further every day. However, I’ve had quite a pain in my armpit of the same arm, for which I waited two and half hours in A&E for the other day for antibiotics for either a sweat gland infection or lymph node swelling. Pretty quick for Donny I must admit 😛 The amount of drunkards and limping people in there, eee dear.

Wearing clothes that are easy to get on and off = definitely a bonus, just makes life easier y’know? I can do more things for myself now I’m hardly in any pain. The proof is in the pudding they always say, but in my case today it was in the omelette. Managed to even flip the thing as a leftie, quite proud. I don’t take painkillers now thankfully. My physio at the hospital has been easily contactable and very helpful with his advice, saying I can move onto bigger and better things than good old Mooey. More deets soon!


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