First few days post op (day 2)

Wow, three days have flown by in a blur of sickness, medication and pain.

It has been much more of a struggle than I originally thought, mainly due to the pain and amount of times I’ve been sick. But, the operation was indeed, a success! Dr Funk had found a few more tears in there than anticipated; a labral, HAGL and capsular tear which he has managed to repair with many knots to secure the parts that had come away from the bone.

I’ll talk my way through. I’ll be impressed if I can even remember much, thanks to the Tramadol I’ve been on!

I had always said I had wanted to try and fight the anaesthetic, but I didn’t even have chance to! It’s always going to be a losing battle isn’t it haha. All I recall is yapping on about what colour my javelins were, and the next…I woke with a start! I was being wheeled back to my dad and Sarah, my younger sister, where upon arrival, I began crooning to them “Saaaaraaahhhh hug meeee” and “DAAAD!” Deary me, thank goodness dad told me knowingly to get some sleep otherwise I probably would have embarrassed myself.

A couple of hours and slices of toast later, the physio, Jon, came to explain the all-important exercises to me. They didn’t hurt as much as I had expected….(I soon found out the day after that the general anaesthetic had covered up a lot of the pain). I was discharged around 3pm and set off on the two hour journey back home.

My inexperience in sandwich flavours and what to have post-op clearly showed when I chose a Tandoori Chicken Wrap from Asda, which I saw a second time as soon as I got home. Anything that night and the following day that I tried to eat just came straight back up, it really was horrible. I felt very frail and weak as I had no energy – I’m so used to a satisfied stomach most times of the day! Me and my food! The tramadol made me very sleepy/woozy and trying to focus on screens was very hard, hence why I haven’t been able to post for a few days.

Thankfully, I’m not on the tramadol any more and I am having weaker medication to take the pain away. Today I have been able to have almost one proper meal – honestly, I didn’t know how good a piece of chicken could taste after a few days of my taste buds being singed off! My family have been so good to me and they can’t do enough for me. I am very grateful. It’s strangely satisfying being spoon-fed!

So far, things are getting better and I feel like I have more of my own brain back from the clouds now. Hopefully I will be able to get a better night’s sleep tonight. Dr Funk has interestingly given me a copy of the video camera that went into my shoulder during the operation which I will be watching tonight! A little apprehensive but excited too to see the difference before and after. He said pre-op that part of my labrum had folded back on itself and had frayed like a cheesestring, so I expect to see no food-like structures in there now!

I’ve talked a lot about food in this post haven’t I. Hmm, clearly showing what’s on my mind! Anyway, I’m liking the left handed life so far, even though this post has taken me a few hours to write. Wimbledon might have been a little to blame too…


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